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PT. Mass Saintifika Indonesia

Our company provides a wide range of laboratory equipment with the best quality and competitive prices. With experience in the distribution of laboratory equipment since 2016, we have the passion and commitment to provide the best for our customers.

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Our Partners

We are the sole agent for GL Sciences and a distributor of Daicel through GL Sciences. Additionally, we serve as the sole agent for Zodiac products and as distributors for GVS and Biobase products in Indonesia.


"We fulfill all your laboratory needs"

We provide top-quality equipment, consumables, and solutions for your research and analysis requirements. Our comprehensive selection ensures that you have everything you need to achieve accurate results and drive scientific breakthroughs. Whether you're in academia, healthcare, or industry, we're here to support your laboratory operations every step of the way.

GL Sciences Products

We are sole agent distributor for GL Sciences GC Instrument, GC Column, HPLC Column, GC & HPLC Consumables, Inertmask, SPE, and Monotrap.


Daicel Products

Daicel Chiral column is chiral chromatography solutions for optical isomer separation and Daicel is number one in the world for chiral column application.


Zodiac Products

We are sole agent of Zodiac product in Indonesia. We sell HPLC column, Ghost buster column, solvent waste system, SPE and HPLC consumables


Biobase Products

We are distributor of Biobase product in Indonesia. We sell General lab, Analytical instrument and medical equipment


GVS Products

We are distributor of GVS product in Indonesia. We sell Syringe filter, Membrane filter, Filter Paper and other filtration product.

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